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  • Debi Caccamo


Fun in the Sun in Hawaii!

Aug 2021 • Couples

This past August my wife and I made our very first trip to Hawaii. I wanted to go all out no holds bar and try and do everything and experience everything that Hawaii had to offer and I just about did! I went deep sea fishing, flew in a helicopter, enjoyed a very nice luau, & visited a lot gorgeous beaches! But I will have to say the funnest and coolest thing that my wife and I experienced in Hawaii was renting a dune buggy from “Big Island Buggy” & spent the day driving all over the Isalnd and going from beach to beach exploring new places. Feeling the cool ocean breeze blowing thru your hair & feeling the warm glow from the sun kissing your skin. WAS AMAZING!!! We are planning on heading back soon to the big island and I am planning on renting out Buggy from “Big Island Buggy” every day that I am there. Customer service…excellent!!! They delivered the buggy to where I was staying at and the owners of this company where so flipping cool. They rental of this buggy so fun and easy and they were so helpful and informative of where we should g and what we should do on the Big Island. They gave us a map and drew on it were we should go and where we shouldn’t go. To Big Island Buggy rentals: Mahalo!

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