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  • Debi Caccamo


I booked and then cancelled because I thought it was going to rain. I was going to venture out and do something new. To my (I say now) fortune, the owners weren't sent the cancellation and showed up with the buggy at my hotel. They were Smiling and so friendly! I felt bad. I explained I had cancelled and was worried about the weather when I cancelled. Not only were they understanding and nice about the mix up, they said they'd honor it! No issue, no attitude, just warm people! Based on how they handled the entire situation, the weather report being wrong, I decided why not keep it? The vibes they gave made me remember exactly why I booked in the first place; get out and live life to the fullest starts with letting things flow the way it's supposed to not just what you planned or didn't plan. Because they didn't pressure me in anyway, I was able to get out of my comfort zone. Close out my last day before my next year of birth ( my birthday just started at midnight as I'm writing this) doing something totally new! Start my next year of life with I DID IT! I tried something new! Because of these two's amazing attitude I did just that! They gave me the gift I almost didn't give my self! I drove all over and I'm not a driver by nature; get to and from that's all. Here is what I text them once we turned in the buggy after the amazing trip. I'll share it so that another "me" out there debating on stepping into the next phase of their life and wondering do you step out of your comfort zone??? YES! Rent this! UNPLUG, FEEL THE TRUE AIR OF THE ISLAND, THE BREEZE OF LIFE... get out of the rental car that closes you off from the entire reason you spent the money to come to Hawaii! You came to create memories... so do just that! Wave to people on the street like I did or sitting in an door dinning who smile and stare as you vroom by, be proud you can drive a stick shift, your hair is blowing all crazy and say hi to those who throw up the hang loose or shake their head yes watching you beaming as if supporting your decision to do something totally different and living life having fun on vacay. Smile silly just because your out and feeling like a kid when you first could drive on your own! So here is what I text the owners: Thank you!!!! Best mix up ever! Loved going back in time, like I was driving my first car ever, my red Volkswagen bug at 16! However, now with my two (kids 15 and 12 1/2) and going all over the island. We Built amazing life long memories for us.. plus mommy is cool!it's the 3 of us, no phones or music, just talking and sharing everything we are seeing, getting lost and then trying to find actual gps...on a MAP! They had an amazing time! Oh and we saw some other ladies at the beach rocking your green buggy! We all smiled at each other and said hiiiii ... I see you! Lol!! (All proud as if connected in the; we made the same " oh let's just try this decision"). It was so nice meeting both of you! You made my last day of 51 the best and closed out the year as it should've been! Tomorrow will start the new year of life! Thank you!! Hopefully this helps someone make that decision to actually LIVE on vacation and not just BE on vacation! Thanks to the owners Deb and Aaron I did! Come join me in the "WE DID IT"! Club! Rent one and vroom into the YOU did something new!

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