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My family and I visited Kona for 8 days. On our 2nd day there I saw the yellow buggy parked on the street and really thought it would be fun to rent it for a day to explore the island. I called and spoke with Aaron and he even offered a drop off. We opted to pick it up ourselves, but thought that was a cool perk. At pickup, my wife struck up a conversation with Debbie, Aaron's wife. In 5 minutes my wife felt like her and Debbie could be pals. She learned about their move to the island and about their family back in the mainland. Debbie told us to visit Kua Bay and she didn't steer us wrong, what a beautiful beach! We were even able to borrow beach chairs and a beach umbrella. Awesome! Do yourself a favor, reach out to these guys on your next trip to Kona. I had a blast driving the red buggy. It had been years since I drove a stick shift and man did it feel good! My friends will all hear about this, I'll make sure they look up Big Island Buggy when they visit.

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