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Something different and fun

We visited the Big Island of Hawaii as part of a tour group. We had one free day and were looking for something to fill it. The tour group was offering a helicopter tour, but that was over $500.00 per person for only a couple hours. We started by looking for a motorcycle rental. Almost booked one of those but then came upon an advertisement for Big Island Buggy. As soon as I mentioned this to my wife, she was on board and I booked one. I wrote to them and asked for touring suggestions and let them know that I was a “Big” guy. They thought that I would fit, but let me know that they would soon be getting a couple new buggies that would be bigger. The morning of our rental, Aaron dropped off the new Red buggy that I believe they call Tiki. I fit fine in the seat, however because of my large stomach, leg and feet maneuvering was a bit difficult. I wish I would have had 4 or 5 more inches. Anyone smaller than me (350#s) would have had no problem. I got through the day safely and only cursed my size 3 or 4 times. We had a great day. We took the Northern route that was suggested and saw very nice scenery. The buggy worked flawlessly. Aaron met us back at our hotel and we had a very nice conversation as we said good bye to Tiki. You won’t be disappointed if you rent from Big Island Buggy.

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