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  • Debi Caccamo

I LOVE our clients! Five stars on GOOGLE!


 7 hours ago

Great people! Fun car! They hooked me up for a few days with the blue buggy. Had a blast, took kiddo and several of his cousins out for rides; they all thought it was the greatest thing since buttered toast. ;-) Bear in mind these Manx-style buggies are a fiberglass body on an air-cooled Bug chassis... not a luxury car, and you should be well practiced on clutch cars. That said, they are an absolute riot to drive. I don't think you can even fire it up without grinning from ear to ear. If you have the time, hit up highway 250 between Waimea and Hawi... Being light and nimble, it was a hoot on the twisty bits up there. Pro tip: get out of Kona with it. It isn't super happy doing start and stop in traffic. But get it out on the open road? Hard to have more fun than one of these!

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